Understanding the Nature


To know the nature in its better way one must make good friendship with ‘it’ and with its ‘elements’ and ‘other things’ i.e living, non-living which surrounds it, and play with it like we all did with our physical friends when we were children, you must be playful with nature to understand it better. Tell nature what YOU want or how YOU want to feel slowly in a friendly way in your hearts & deep in your mind.

If one can understand, connect rightly from one’s own side and has good feel for the nature and its elements, the nature will make him feel right.

If you understand and help the nature, the nature will help you out with your problems. Love nature in return nature will love you. It’s universal, what you give,  you get back the same from nature. It’s the feelings which is important, so try to get the right feel always, until then try for it. It’s what YOU want to feel consciously. 

It’s one of the angle or the view of looking towards the environment around

Happyreading. 🙂